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New Year Thinking: What Are the Big Themes For 2022?

2021 is hurtling by at a rate of knots and believe it or not, it’s time for business owners to be thinking hard about 2022 marketing plans

Sure, there are big preparations to be made for the approaching festive period, but by now, strategies to maximise success during this time should already be underway

Businesses need to be immersed in planning for the longer term, with measures formulated to take account of the big themes that are set to influence different industries next year. Get this right and you create a platform from which to enjoy a profitable 2022.


Business Agility

One question that you need to ask yourself is whether your business has the agility to respond quickly and decisively to market changes. Another is whether your marketing in all its forms has broad enough appeal to remain effective. Regardless of whether trends remain constant or change dramatically. Have you got the right mix of short term tactics and doing term strategy in place.

Today’s consumers have never been through a period like the last 18 months and previous approaches to commercial success are being upended, rightly or wrongly? Success in 2022 will surely come to those who are able to listen and adapt to post-pandemic customers’ needs and wants and embed them in your 2022 marketing plans.


Ethical Marketing

Buying attitudes and other personal values have shifted as we have had to face danger and bleak reality and it’s not over yet. The question is, this going to be lasting or will we simply return to our previous habits.

There is a school of thought that there is an impatience with the hard sell ‘clickfunnel’, approach and there is room and a mood for something different. Having re-evaluated their personal values and impacts during the pandemic, buyers are more discerning. They are seeing marketing tricks for what they are and avoiding companies that push the hard sell.

Ethical(?) Marketing is described as marketing that is helpful and inspiring and not manipulative or intrusive. Where kindness is a superpower and communications demonstrate honesty and empathy and there is a real listening to the wants and needs of consumers. It is argued that this is a marketing where everyone wins – business, customers, and society.

Shareholder value has been the primary goal of large businesses for decades to the detriment of other stakeholders. Context is crucial, however, and wise marketers are looking at their core values to see how they sit with the current mood of consumers. Have you reviewed your brand strategy recently, now is a very good time to do so? Do you need your 2022 marketing plans to shift?


The need to operate in a sustainable or ‘green’ way will rightly be a big theme for 2022, as pressure across the globe mounts to conduct business in an environmentally friendly way. Increasing numbers of consumers are seeking out responsible businesses and products. Some go as far as to boycott brands that they perceive are operating irresponsibly or without integrity.

Are you doing enough? More importantly are you walking the talk.

If you are, then you can shout about it. If you are not, you need to sort out the way that you operate so that you can, truthfully. Trust is so easily lost and so difficult to regain.

The way you market needs to be sustainable too, which means advertising your business and services should be done with this in mind. Print marketing is chock full of sustainability measures and has been for years and have you looked at the environmental impacts of your digital advertising  – you might be surprised? Do you need to take another look at your 2022 marketing plans and make sure they reflect current opinion on climate change!

Packaging is an area that has been under the spotlight for a while.  Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging  are becoming more available and affordable. They do require businesses and consumers dispose of their waste correctly, fitting squarely with the behavioural change conversations that are dominating the current climate crisis dialogue.


Other Important Factors to Consider

Rising financial costs

Other variables that need to be considered going into 2022 include the possibility of interest rates and other financial costs increasing. Furloughing employees across the UK throughout the pandemic cost the UK government in the region of £68.5 billion, and the funds to pay for it need to come from somewhere. The question is when and how this will be collected. In the UK we expect a budget in the Spring just before the end of the current tax year.

Creaking supply chains

The cost and capacity of the UK’s supply chain is still uncertain at this point. Even though the government is working hard to increase HGV driver numbers by boosting training capacity and allowing temporary visas for EU drivers. It’s another weighty factor that should be included in your forward planning.

Ending government support

The end of government support during the pandemic from furlough payments to grants and business loans are ending, or repayments are coming due.  How companies used these funds to support their businesses, and where they are now, will affect their viability. Accountants are getting ready for a surge in insolvencies, let’s hope they are wrong! Now is the time for cash rich businesses to take advantages of the opportunities offered as the economy gathers pace. Unfortunately those who are cash poor may well struggle – keep an eye on that bank balance!

Global inflation

The reopening of economies around the world is putting pressure on the cost of raw materials and energy. This is being felt in inflationary pressure on both raw and manufactured goods.  We experienced an 8% increase in paper prices implemented from 8thNovember. Consequently, we have had to change our policy of holding estimate prices for a month and are checking and re-estimating at the point of order.  Budgets are having to flex as costs are passed down the supply chain! What contingencies have you built into your 2022 marketing plans?


2022 Is Only Around 6 Weeks Away!

So, the new year is only 6 weeks away, and business owners need to think hard and act now. If you’re preparing or reviewing your marketing plans for 2022 and you need top quality print marketing services you can trust, you know who to call.

Irrespective of whether you’re a graphic designer, retail business owner or artist, the NEXUScpp team has both the experience and expertise to help. We’re ready to provide you with exemplary print marketing services that enhance your brand reputation and get you more business.

Get in touch today and we’ll be delighted to discuss how we are able to help you have a memorable 2022 for all the right reasons.

Gill Robinson
18th November 2021


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