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2022 – How did your marketing plans perform last year?

2022 – How Did Your Marketing Go Last Year?

Phew! we have completed another long and challenging year and the first full week of business in 2023. We hope that your marketing plans brought you the success and profit you’ve worked so hard for. The NEXUScpp team is proud to have served throughout 2022 – something we’ve done with complete dedication to helping customers realise their goals.

It’s at these times that we reflect on the 12 months that have just gone. We’re here, alive and kicking and it’s time to look back at 2022 objectively. Did you use print marketing as effectively as you could have done? Were there opportunities that went untapped because you didn’t quite achieve a holistic marketing approach?

Print Remains Relevant in this Digital Age

While most people live much of their lives digitally, print has proven hugely relevant. Its real-world qualities offer something digital options can’t. It can be held in the hand (touch is so important, holding hands is a massive indicator of connection and trust). And when used alongside digital marketing, is exceptionally effective at increasing your credibility in the eyes of your customers.

Holistic marketing, or the marketing mix, involves leveraging the power of all channels to create one impactful approach. Let’s be honest, the digital sphere – as effective as it is for marketing – is cluttered. Print marketing offers something that complements your digital efforts, and what you get is greater than the sum of all parts.

Print Is Sustainable

At last, print marketing is being seen as the more environmentally friendly option, it is produced from the sustainable material that is purposely grown timber. Compared to the environmental impact of power-hungry servers to market to your customers, the carbon footprint of well-targetted print marketing is favourable and paper can be easily recycled up to 7 times.

Climate change is big news right now – and for good reason. Customers are becoming ever more conscious of businesses that operate ecologically. By introducing print marketing, using FSC and recycled papers, as part of holistic marketing plans, you can gain recognition as environmentally-sound–another tick for your brand.

Print Reaches a Wider Audience

When the internet exploded onto the scene, there were those that thought the days of print marketing were numbered. However, moving on 20 years or so, electronic media has become the norm. Surprisingly it’s Millenials, in particular, who see it as having less worth compared to the physical qualities of print marketing. Magazines represent a good example, with online publications not having the same allure.

Print marketing is also proven to drive more interaction with your website and has become more sought-after than ever by companies looking to beat their competition. So, print marketing has had something of a renaissance! Exclude it from your marketing plans at your peril as we move into another challenging year.

Here to Support Your Success in 2023 and Beyond!

If you’re not yet using print marketing to complement your digital marketing, and enjoy all the extra benefits it provides, it’s high time you did. With the right, strategic, holistic marketing plans, there’s no reason why you can’t have a highly effective 2023.

2022 was tough, but we got through it, we hope you enjoyed time with your family during the festive period and managed to switch off–how long ago was that already? Our team is here to help you have a successful 2023.

At NEXUScpp, we have many years of experience in the print marketing field – something that has equipped us with the know-how to meet all your print marketing plans.

We look forward to assisting you to achieve the success you deserve.

Gill Robinson
13th January 2023


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