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5 reasons why using a print specialist will boost your marketing budget

Businesses are facing additional financial challenges and marketing teams under more pressure than ever. There has never been a better time to outsource your print marketing to a specialist print consultant.



Very few people are experts in print hence the rapid growth of standardised online offerings. It is a highly specialised profession requiring years of experience and extensive knowledge. Many of us think handling a print project is straightforward. Until it comes to properly planning and commissioning resources for an event or executing part of a marketing plan – then the penny drops.

An experienced print consultant will make the whole process much easier to execute. Figuring out the finer details and ensuring optimal results – freeing you up to focus on what you do best. With such a variety of printed options on offer, a print consultant is much more effective than attempting to manage the process yourself.


Better value

Searching for the best possible value not only takes time, but it also takes expertise. Sourcing multiple quotes alone is a massive headache. Throw in the fact that different printers often use different materials, processes and kit. Without a serious body of knowledge you will never be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

A print specialist will often have worked as both a supplier and a buyer throughout their career. Viewing the possibilities and problems from both sides they are able to think, plan and source all types of print from their partners. Giving you more options and therefore better value.

If you have a set budget in mind, your print consultant will work with that too, using their knowledge and contacts to ensure you get the best value for money.

These days print buying is not a full-time role. Unless you are in the largest of organisations it is likely that it becomes an adjunct to a busy graphic designer or marketing manager. By outsourcing to a consultant, you get a specialist fully focused resource available exactly when you need it.

Your print specialist will be on hand to resolve issues with printers, run print tenders and assist with your overall print strategy – a huge relief to marketing teams who are already time short.


Faster lead times

Currently print companies are organising their resources around demand, COVID-19 has forced changes to shift patterns. So although activity might be low there can be less choice of product and longer lead times. Your print specialist will work with a variety of different, pre-qualified print companies to ensure you exactly what you need. This comes in very handy when you have a last-minute print project that needs to be fulfilled very quickly.



Print consultants are extremely flexible and have expertise across a range of print techniques. You may require a suite of materials for a full campaign, or just have a one-off niche project where you require some additional expertise. Your print specialist will work with you so that your print matches your exact requirements.


Quality control

Errors cost money, especially when it comes to print. The lasting power of print is its appeal – but not when it contains a mistake. There is a hole in the budget yes, but all of your plans may need rejigging fast, piling stress on top of the regret! A print specialist will assist in checking your artwork (many print platforms don’t do this). They will also supervise the print process itself, ensuring quality control by visiting the COVID-safe print room whilst your project is on press.



A print specialist can help you achieve better results from your print project, particularly when you’re producing something intricate or premium. Extensive knowledge of papers, inks, print and finishing processes is their forte. They can suggest solutions to improve the quality & the cost of your project and the effectiveness of your marketing. If you’ve got a print project coming up and haven’t used a print specialist before, get in touch with NEXUScpp today for an informal, no obligation chat about your needs – we promise you won’t regret it!

Gill Robinson
19th January 2021


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