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5 Reasons to Use a Specialist Print Manager

Selecting the best commercial print supplier for your business can be a challenge, there are so many options available, just choosing is tough! Traditional local printers are dotted around the UK’s industrial estates. New online platforms pop up every day. Let’s examine why an independent Print Manager is the best choice for your commercial printing needs.


1. Do you get what you pay for? Yes you do!

Online printers appear to offer services at a much lower cost than other print suppliers. They handle enormous volumes of work in highly automated workflows and individuality is discouraged. You get standard card stocks and standard finishes and the occasional slip up! This is a numbers game! A race to get an order out the door with the minimum human interaction, your print has become a commodity.

Commercial printing kit is a big investment and printers chase the work that flows easily through their factories, that makes their presses run faster. Will that tie in with what is best for your marketing goals –not always and when it doesn’t you can easily pay the price!


2. Personalised

If you are serious about using print in your multi-channel marketing, build a long-term relationship with an independent, specialist Print Manager.  It is so much better for your business. Most have years of hands-on experience within the printing industry, but the truth is, working for one print company is very limiting.

Print Management Specialists will give you expert advice on the best combination of materials, processes and suppliers to use, for each project, according to your values. They also make sure the print you do is consistent and reflects your brand style and values. And they’ll do all the legwork to get you the best value for money!


3. Hands On

 You have to make sure your printed materials work hard to engage with your market. There are many ways a Print Management Specialist will help you achieve this.

Quickly, the possibilities open up for you to really add value to your brand.


4. Flexible

Need something more unique and bespoke? Online printers are very limited in terms of choice of formats and materials and your local printer is restricted by the equipment they have in house.

For more specialist finishes such as die and laser cutting, spot UV and different binding styles, it can be a challenge to source and manage print production. A specialist Print Manager will be able to orchestrate the whole process for you. They’ll have the experience to advise on the best solution for the effect you’re looking to achieve. They will also have the contacts to commission each stage of the process and will manage the whole project from start to finish.

Need something in a hurry? Your Print Manager has established relationships with a vast pool of printers, finishing houses and binderies, so if you need something printed quickly, they’ll call in a few favours and get the job over the line. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know!


5. Your print, always understood!

When you come to NEXUScpp you will experience professional first-class service, provided by an industry expert and receive superb quality printed materials. Why? Because we love print and we care about your business!

To many big printers you are just an order number, to us you are our shop window and we become part of your team. Only by consistently providing, exceptional, hardworking print that fits you, will we get business. Every time someone compliments your printed materials, that is great for both of us.


If you’re looking to build a relationship with a true Print Specialist, please get in touch with NEXUS Creative Print Production for an informal chat.

Gill Robinson
27th January 2020


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