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Action your Christmas marketing plans now! Avoid the queues!

In part two of our ‘Thinking About Christmas’ series, we look further at the things that you need to consider when putting your Christmas marketing plans into action. What you do now will positively or negatively impact your performance during the festive period, so it’s important to give it lots of thought.

Autumn 2021 is here, which means that it’s time for graphic designers, PRs and marketers to turn their attention to Christmas. That’s right, it’s that time again,  there are less than 80 shopping days to go!

While life has returned to something of a normality in some regards, there are other new factors to be considered. Lockdowns are hopefully behind us, but in the post-Covid landscape, the wise money’s on preparing fully for the challenges ahead.


UK HGV Driver Shortage Hits Crisis Point

A new major barrier to commercial success exists in the UK right now and it comes in the form of the ongoing HGV driver shortage. You may have noticed the widening gaps on supermarket shelves, with your favourite products being out of stock for the foreseeable future – that’s the driver shortage starting to really bite.

The logistical challenges this presents are significant, most businesses need a well-functioning delivery network to supply their customers with their goods and Just-In-Time is creaking already. How will this affect you and your business, for stock and also for your Christmas marketing plans? 

Are you prepared for a situation where the shortage worsens, rather than gets better? What measures might you need to put into place to ensure the impact of the crisis is minimised? Very valid questions for all of us in business right now.


How Will People Buy This Festive Period, do you need to tweak your Christmas marketing plans?

How are consumers going to buy this year and what’s the best way to market to them? People are again enjoying being able to move freely and as such, are likely to be looking for the kinds of buying experiences offered by bricks-and-mortar stores. If this is you, it’s time to get your store ready! 


More Winter Lockdowns?

That said, what can’t be ignored is the fact that the noises coming from the government point towards the possibility of the return of Winter lockdowns. There’s nothing concrete being said, but the mere fact they’re discussing how to prevent it means that it’s a potential reality that might require you to hedge your bets – agility rules!


A multi-pronged approach to your Christmas marketing plans?

Regardless, people will undoubtedly continue to shop online en masse. So your marketing efforts need to be made where the action is. We always advocate a multi-faceted approach, with print marketing used to complement your online efforts. If this is part of your Christmas marketing plans, you may need to act now to ensure you get the materials you need in good time to support your sales.


Logistical challenges?

If you are going to be needing high quality, colourful posters, flyers or postcards, you should probably be making contact with your print supplier sooner rather than later. Make sure that a) they’re able to source the materials to create what you need and b) they’re able to get it in your hands in good time to maximise those Christmas sales. 

The supply chain problem is one that didn’t exist 12 months ago, but it’s very much here with us now, so getting prepped early is a definite must.


Getting Your Christmas Marketing Ducks In a Row

So, if you’re putting together your Christmas marketing plans now and your approach requires the use of high quality print marketing, the NEXUScpp team is here to help. Regardless of whether you’re an SME owner, a graphic designer or artist, we have the expertise and experience to help.

We’re dedicated to helping our clients to meet their marketing goals and it’s something we’ve been doing for many years. Our team is ready and waiting to provide guidance and exceptional print services to take your marketing to the next level.

Get in touch today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your Christmas period.


Gill Robinson
7th October 2021


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