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Attracting attention in a digital age

International tech giants originally built their businesses on new technology. But they have also realised that they need print to really get their messages across.

They have created a digital revolution, transforming the way we consume media and getting us hooked on screens. Yet Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedln, Airbnb and Uber have all turned to print to make stronger connections with us.

Apple launched the ‘Apple Watch’ using press ads. Linkedln has used direct mail to build a new customer base. Google has spent heavily on print advertising in some of its markets, while Facebook startled us with posters across the US, Canada and the UK trumpeting the power and value of friendship.

Why? Print invokes trust! In an increasingly intangible world, the physical attracts more attention because it’s real. It represents investment and it triggers senses—just engage three of these and buying is more certain.

So imagine what it can do for you!

We are here to turn that imagination into hardworking print that tells your story, reaches your audience and convinces them that you are serious about your business. So, if you are looking for a first class print experience–just get in touch.



Gill Robinson
30th March 2017


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