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Discover how printed media really helps your virtual event go with a bang

Events are likely to remain online for a good part of 2021. Discover how to increase attendance, improve experience and boost engagement at your online event using printed marketing materials


Promote your online event – offline!

What better way to invite people to your online event than with direct mail – at a time when everyone is at home!

We barely leave our screens, so the sound of letters dropping on the doormat provides welcome relief and a short but comforting break. In fact, a recent study suggests that during lockdown there were record breaking levels of interaction with direct mail.

To boost your chances of success, consider the following when planning a direct mail campaign to promote your online event:


Build up event engagement

Let’s face it, more often than not, you host an event for one reason, to gain new leads. But after 10 months of online meetings and events, most of us are getting Zoom fatigued and turning off. The key then is to keep people engaged before, through, and after the event. Turn a virtual experience into a physical one by adding printed marketing into the mix, we know how much stronger engagement is when you put your brand into someone’s hand.

Programmes & schedules

You want attendees to have the best possible experience. A great way to do this is to provide access to resources such as programmes and schedules. Most event organisers provide these in a digital format, but unless we’re lucky enough to have two computer screens, it can be difficult to concentrate on the event and refer to these at the same time.

If you provide these as printed materials, ahead of the event, attendees will browse them at their leisure, absorb some of the topics, frame questions and easily reference them during the event. Your printed materials might include

There are so many ways to gather this information together and present a great pack that delegates will love to receive. There is growing evidence that providing a physical pack as part of the build-up to an event really increases visitor attendance and attention.


Printed worksheets are a great way to encourage people to engage from home and transform a virtual experience into a physical activity. Get delegates involved by asking them to answer questions on their worksheets, as well as encouraging them to take notes.

Branded goodie bags

There’s no denying it – we all love a goodie bag! There’s nothing like arriving back from a conference or trade show and going through the promotional materials you’ve collected through the day and sharing out the haul of stationary. Just because your event is online, doesn’t mean that your sponsors, speakers and exhibitors should miss out on the opportunity to provide delegates with take away materials. Posting out a physical goodie bag to delegates, with specially sourced products and printed merchandise, says thank you, adds a familiar and fond element to the experience and makes your event much more memorable.


Need support planning print marketing for your online event? Get in touch with NEXUScpp for specialist advice on planning and marketing offline. With over 25 years experience in managing event print, we’ll make sure you have happy and engaged delegates with a lasting memory of the great time you gave them.


Gill Robinson
19th February 2021


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