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Today’s print marketing – the quiet ones are often the best. Discuss?

Let’s be honest … we are all looking for different ways to attract the next customer. But the hubbub and ceaseless stream of online marketing we encounter every day is deafening.

Yet, among this noise, today’s print marketing is quietly playing a critical role in attracting and keeping customers and boosting brand engagement.


Winning new business is harder than ever.

networking contact cardsWe want to create thumb-stopping moments, we have to create pause. We need to do things that make our customers feel wanted … and herein lays the beauty of print.

The tactile nature of print engages all our senses. It does more than make us look. It taps into the thing that makes us human. It makes us ‘feel’and people make decisions based on feelings.


Relevance is a very hot topic in marketing at the moment. With print we don’t just demonstrate this with words and pictures but with additional materials, texture and shape, how powerful is that?

Print lets us engage customers in ways that digital doesn’t. That’s why it’s important that we include it in marketing plans. While most digital marketing strategies are aimed at swift transactions, current printing techniques let us focus on the more rare, more valuable exchanges with customers over time.

permanent adhesive vinyl labels

As we contemplate long-term engagement, deeper and more trusting connections rather than instant gratification, just consider how these elements can be combined. The possibilities are really exciting–interest is increased exponentially.


When you offer your clients an insight into your business through something they can hold and feel, you are physically representing the quality of the service or product you offer.


Being creative and innovative with your printed products is the trick to getting the best results from your print marketing.

Creative thinking is essential to get all your marketing efforts noticed, and with print even more so. That’s where our experience and our connections come into their own. Colours, cutting, forming, papers, boards and design  are all merged with purpose to achieve the engagement that’s required.


Foil Blocking

Printer blocksIt goes without saying that it is essential that the best skills, technology and equipment are employed to produce the print products that represent your business.

But lists of equipment are hardly riveting and never tell the whole story. What you need is the confidence that your plans can, and will always, be produced efficiently.

That’s the beauty of what we offer here at NEXUS creative print production, where we have over 70 printers and finishers partnering with us and concentrating on what they do best.


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It’s our job to understand exactly what they are capable of achieving.

So that you always get the finest in value and performance with just one conversation.

The proof is in the pudding, of course, and our sample shelves are stuffed full of ideas that we have made happen for our clients.

If you would like to take a look see at just what we can achieve for you then let’s talk soon.


Gill Robinson
5th September 2017


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