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Brand guardianship through print, how well do you look after your brand?

How well do you look after your brand? When people talk about you what do they say?

NEXUScpp are all about print marketing because print is in our soul, our make up! It is what we do, it is who we are, it is our expertise and you know us to be all these things. And when people talk about our business, this is what we want people to know. NEXUS: obsessed with print. Knowledgeable about print. PRINT PEOPLE. So, when people talk about your business, what do they say? Can they describe your business? Can they talk about your brand?

As Jeff Bezos said, ‘your branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.’

Getting it right from the start

When people come to us about their print marketing, we go to great lengths to find out about their brand and their business. What they’re about, who their target market is, what they would like to achieve, as well as the purpose and the point of the print.

It’s not just because we’re interested, it’s because we want to know what your brand is, we want to be able to create a beautiful product for you that’s within budget and aligned with your brand.

Why is branding so important?

Branding creates trust with consumers, it is consistent, it is reliable, people know what to expect, therefore they can learn to trust you and your business.

They learn that you are a trustworthy, reliable, quality brand/business/service that they would happily spend their money with.

These messages can be told through a multitude of ways, not your logo (that is a very different thing and a single component of your ‘branding’).

The words and language you use. The colour palette, the imagery, the digital content you put out, the adverts you create. The products and services you provide, how you conduct yourself professionally.

These are all elements of your brand and we’re here to look after anything that has ink on it.

Why is print an important part of your marketing mix?

Building your brand through print is a tactile and memorable experience and there are many ways that print can represent your brand and many opportunities for it to do so.

We talk about this a lot – but your business cards are often the first physical image of your business and your first impression of others.

Ever been to a networking event where someone has given you a very thick, textured, foiled card? These finishing processes support the sense that their brand and service is high end. Is that what they wanted you to think?

Then you’re handed a thin, smooth, single sided card – what impression does that make on you? Chances you won’t be thinking they are offering a luxe service, but is that what they are offering are or they selling on price?

If you’ve been following our recent blogs, you’ll know that packaging accessories are brilliant at reinforcing your brand. Boxes, bags, wrapping paper, stickers, ribbon – the list is huge. Each of these elements is an opportunity to showcase and add to how your clients view what you do.

Bricks and mortar retail – these are slightly disconnected at the moment, but not for much longer. We’re not just talking windows here, signage always matters. We’re talking 3d vs 2d. Individual letters or one singular plate. Think of Harrods or Liberty’s? They’re not messing about.

At the moment signage is really front of mind, showing people where to go, how far to stay apart, offering guidance on how to stay safe and how your brand does that is so important, not just for now, but for later, people will remember how you showed up!

So how can NEXUScpp make a difference?

The difference between print houses and a print manager like us, is that we are firstly print specialists but we’re marketers too.

We’re able to look at each of your projects objectively and can curate each and every print project with purpose.

We will guide you, with what you can achieve to for your brand, using tone and voice, with what is cost effective and what works. We have the understanding and knowhow to get you there.

Not only do we know how to enhance your brand with print, but we know how to interpret, and we know how to protect, think of us as your print guardians.

Want to find out more about how NEXUScpp can keep your brand safe and help you grow your business with print marketing? At NEXUScpp your print is always understood. Let’s talk!

Gill Robinson
28th May 2020


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