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Is Your Business Poised & Ready For Christmas 2022?

While the kids might only have just gone back to school and the leaves are only just starting to turn to their autumnal shades of yellow and brown, businesses up and down the country are getting ready for Christmas 2022. “What? Already?” we hear you cry! Yes, indeed, as there are – at the point of writing – just 84 shopping days left.

As such, people are already planning their festive period – one in which UK consumers spend an average of 25% more. This opportunity is one that businesses can’t afford to miss – especially as the rest of the year has been so commercially challenging. Whatever your print marketing needs are, now is most certainly the time to get moving.

Dotting the Is, Crossing the Ts

The measures you put into place today will either make or break your Christmas period, so it’s vital that you understand the barriers that might stop your success. As such, there are a number of things you need to think about. Join us now as we look at some of them more closely.

Christmas Buying Trends

It’s not exactly news that the price of everything has gone up this year. From petrol to energy to food, everything costs more, and it’s being driven by global inflation. The question is, how is this going to affect spending in  Christmas 2022?

Are consumers going to be more selective and frugal this year due to having much less disposable income? Are people going to splurge at Christmas and tighten their belts in the New Year? It’s likely to be the former, but nothing’s for certain.

What Sort of Marketing Is Required?

Once you have a handle on what kind of Christmas 2022 period you’re going to have, what’s that going to mean for your print marketing needs? Perhaps you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer and want to make the most of your footfall – then you will need a winning marketing mix.

Maybe you feel that the cost of petrol is going to cause more people to shop from you online, meaning your digital marketing house needs to be in order.

Either way, there’s lots of work to be done and not much time to do it in. And with everyone ordering their flyers, posters, greeting cards, advent calendars and other print marketing early (we can tell you, they are!), you don’t want to leave things too late.

More Supply chain Problems Ahead?

there have certainly been a number of bumps in the road this year in terms of supply chain issues, not least being the multiple port strikes we’ve seen at Felixstowe and Liverpool and with Royal Mail also experiencing ongoing industrial action, more time needs to be factored in.

Who knows what kind of plans have been laid for more action? When putting together your marketing strategy for Christmas 2022, you must leave enough time to take into account these unexpected interruptions to service.

Fail to do so and the amazing, eye-catching print merchandising you’ve invested time and money in might end up not even making it to you in time.

For most businesses, Christmas is one of the most important times of the year and planning ahead ensures that everything needed for success is put into place in good time. It’s all about knowing the barriers that exist and planning how to overcome them.

We’re Here to Help You Achieve Success This Christmas!

At NEXUScpp, we have decades of experience and expertise in creating printed materials that enhance your branding, marketing and, in turn, commercial success and we use our Print Wisdom to make it work even harder for you.

If you haven’t yet started your Christmas planning, it’s high time you did, and our team is on standby to help you set the scene for a festive period you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Gill Robinson
30th September 2022


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