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Marketing Fine Art: Using print to promote Artists & Galleries

Print Marketing for Fine Art works!

At NEXUScpp, we work with many different types of companies, meeting their print marketing requirements, and one of the primary sectors we cover is artists and galleries – marketing fine art.

Within this category, there are many different segments – from folk art to masters – each with its own set of needs that our kind of marketing can meet.

It is perhaps in this field that the value of print marketing is most vividly seen. In particular, fine art catalogues serve a vital purpose for the marketing activity of artists. Something that’s easily carried and offers impeccable reproduction of images, a catalogue is an item that lets buyers make informed purchasing decisions.

As a gallery or artist displaying your creations, you need a visual representation, and it needs to be as near to the original as print technology will allow. If it’s too dull, too bright, or simply not accurate, people aren’t going to be as drawn to buy.

There are quite a few variables at play, too, the quality of the original image files, the ink used, and what it’s printed on and how it’s finished. It’s a rigorous process, but worth it when you see the results.


The Value of Exceptional Colour Reproduction when marketing fine art

The expertise of the NEXUScpp team allows us to take care of fine art printing for our customers, which requires a keen eye both before and on press.

We’re able to create authentic and accurate reproduction of artworks that are really close to the original – as close as print technology will allow. It’s this accuracy that makes it so useful in fine art marketing planning.

We believe the marketing mix of any business is strenghtened by high-quality print, but it’s particularly pertinent for galleries and artists. From exhibition catalogues to coffee table books to merchandise, it’s a channel that creates accessibility and doubles rather well as a striking visual decoration. Digital marketing is fine, but print is visceral and tangible.


The Sustainability of Print Marketing

Another factor, any environmentally conscious artist or gallery should consider, is sustainability. There’s something of a misconception floating around that digital marketing is 100% green, but that’s so not the case.

For instance – What’s the energy cost of sending an email? What about for an entire website? How are the materials for circuit boards mined?

There are many hidden environmental costs associated with the digital world, and when you look at print, you see how eco-friendly it is these days.

For more than 20 years, the FSC has ensured that paper has been responsibly sourced, many other reclaimed products are being used in its manufacture.

Water used in papermaking is cleaned and reused and more print plants are using solar. Litho inks are vegetable-based, and paper is easily recycled up to 7 times before it composts.


The Value of Print Is Higher Than Ever!

A digital marketing approach can and does work for an artist or gallery. But ignore the power of print, and you’re missing out on a medium that offers so much more – particularly in the artistic world.

Print marketing is as valuable and pertinent now as it has ever been – perhaps even more so and particularly in fine art marketing.

At NEXUScpp, we have years of print marketing experience and the expertise required to reproduce artwork with great accuracy – it’s part of and parcel of our Print Wisdom!

So, if you’re in need of help in this area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is ready and waiting to help you realise your vision of print that complements your work.


That’s it once again from us. We’ll see you again next time.

Gill Robinson
25th July 2022


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