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What is Print Wisdom?

What is Print Wisdom from NEXUScpp?

Print Wisdom –TM PENDING- is the accumulated knowledge, insights, and best practices associated with print marketing and production. It embraces a deep understanding, gained over years of worked experience, of how print materials are designed, produced, distributed, and used to achieve marketing objectives effectively.

Here’s how we use it in every project we start:

  1. Strategic Planning

    Print wisdom involves strategic planning to determine when and how print materials should be used as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

    This includes identifying target audiences, setting campaign goals, and selecting the most appropriate print formats and channels.
  1. Design and Creativity

    Print wisdom encompasses expertise in graphic design, typography, colour theory, and layout principles tailored specifically for print media.

    It involves creating visually compelling and impactful print materials that capture attention, communicate messages clearly, and reinforce brand identity.
  2. Print Production Techniques

    Print wisdom is detailed knowledge of different printing techniques, such as:offset printing, digital printing, merchandise printing; specialty finishes like spot UV, die and laser cutting, embossing and foil stamping;bookbinding methods such as wire stitch, PUR binding and thread sewing.

    Understanding the capabilities and limitations of different printing and binding methods allows us to produce high-quality print materials that meet or exceed client expectations.
  3. Paper Selection and Sustainability

    Print wisdom involves selecting the right type of paper or substrate for each print project based on factors like texture, graphic fit, weight, thickness and environmental considerations.

    This includes knowledge of sustainable printing practices and eco-friendly paper options to minimise the environmental impact of print production.
  4. Distribution and Fulfillment

    Print wisdom extends to distribution and fulfillment strategies to ensure that printed materials reach their intended recipients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    This involves us working with postal services, fulfillment centres, or logistics partners to manage mailing lists, postage, and delivery logistics.
  5. Measurement and Optimisation

    Print wisdom includes methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of print marketing campaigns and optimising future efforts based on performance data.

    This may involve tracking key metrics such as response rates, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI) to refine targeting, messaging, and creative elements.

Overall, Print Wisdom –TM PENDING- represents a holistic understanding of the print marketing landscape, encompassing

By leveraging our print wisdom, organisations can confidently use print in their marketing mix and achieve their business objectives efficiently. When you are ready to use the Print Wisdom advantage in your business, let’s talk!

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Gill Robinson
7th June 2024


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