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The Power of Print – a must for PR Professionals

As PR professionals, you must stay on top of the latest marketing trends to provide your clients with effective, timely campaigns. Print marketing remains highly effective in reaching and engaging target audiences alongside digital marketing – the power of print is often underrated. In this blog post, we’ll explore why print marketing should be a part of a PR strategy and how hiring a fractional strategic print partner can help you save time and money while maximising results.

Increases Brand Awareness with the power of print

Print marketing offers a tangible way of visualising a brand, offering unlimited creative scope. A well-designed campaign will be visually striking, engaging, informative, and memorable. Print can engage new customers, reach a wider audience, and contribute to launching a campaign. Read how effective print can be in engaging influencers and raising awareness of a brand here. 

Print Brings Extra Value to Your Campaign

Print marketing brings great ROI when utilised effectively. (However, print is generally a chunk of budget and can be expensive if not thought out properly!). Strategising your print and using someone who knows all the potholes and opportunities can lighten the load.)

Direct mail and brochure pieces can be received and opened by your target demographic in the right place and at the right time, making it impossible for them to ignore.

When done correctly, through texture, graphics, and finishes, print marketing will elicit an emotional response from the target audience, unlocking brand tactility, and help create user-generated content that can increase a brand’s reach and awareness and it’s sustainable too!

Content Marketing can harness the power of print

Print and digital marketing can and do coexist effectively – they create synergy. The marketing team can focus on specific messages and produce content-rich, engaging branded content in print that can spread across digital media. The idea is to use print media as part of a strategic, high-impact campaign that maximises ROI and drives multichannel engagement; leaning on people like NEXUScpp can ensure this is rolled out effectively.

Why You Should Hire a Fractional Strategic print partner like NEXUScpp

A fractional strategic print partner like NEXUScpp, experts in the power of print, brings knowledge, skill set, and resources specifically tailored to your campaign. We can deliver significant value and work alongside you as an affordable and flexible team member offering not only print production advice but also as qualified marketers – offering strategically minded advice.

Print marketing is vital to any PR strategy, 81% of SME marketers include print marketing in their strategies (Growth Business UK). By hiring a fractional strategic print partner like NEXUScpp, you save your agency the added cost of having an extra full-time employee, greater flexibility, and access to professionals with skills you may not have internally.

The demand for traditional print in some categories has fallen, but its value and impact remain strong when it is used well. Remember always to bear in mind the power print can bring to your PR campaign. Let’s talk about how we can usher in a new era of successful print and digital coexistence with effective multi-channel campaigns.

Gill Robinson
26th May 2023


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