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We are so very happy being green. Print is the green marketing channel.


You think print marketing is out of style?

For an industry with a heritage that dates back centuries, print has been ahead of the curve for some time in one very important, prominent and current topic: Sustainability. If you want to embrace green marketing take another look at print.

The millenium dealt a digital blow to print.  The industry responded by refining processes, minimising toxic wastage and maximising efficiency. We streamlined production and became a more effective marketing channel. Print now stands head and shoulders above the digital saturation. Most print today is sustainable, it is oh-so fashionable, tremendously attractive and very effective.

50 shades of green, naturally.

Here are a few nuggets about how the print industry went on a green journey. Globally there is still a way to go, but in Europe, USA and Canada, where most paper is produced, these measures have been in place for some time – China lags but is improving! There is more work to do in developing countries like Brazil and Indonesia. 

Green, green grass of home?

Hopefully, we have shown you that while we are creating amazing tangible products, outside of the world of screens, we have for some time, used methods to consciously do the least harm as possible and the work continues.

It may surprise you when you look under the surface, digital marketing is not currently very eco friendly at all. Desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones contain some nasty materials. Unfortunately there is, currently, little financial incentive for recycling these so the majority of unwanted and obsolete electronic devices currently end up as e-waste in landfills where they leach toxins into the soil, air, and water. Things will change eventually, but it cannot not come quick enough for the planet.

How can NEXUS creative print production mix the right shade of green into your marketing?

If minimising your footprint is important to your company but you’re looking for ways to stand out against digital marketing — then get in touch with Nexus Creative Print Production to find out how we can help you green up your marketing . You can email us at or get in touch via the website.



Gill Robinson
1st August 2019


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