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What’s print got to do with it?

Whilst you might think printed marketing is old school, it doesn’t mean it’s out of date, ineffective or irrelevant.

If anything, the printed element of your company’s marketing mix is the one that could make the biggest impression.

Think of print as something that has got better with age – maybe not like your nan, definitely like whiskey.


So you think you’re special?

Digital marketing is displayed in front of you – flat and 2d. Print is something you and your customers can hold in your hands and interact with. A real experience that goes from the moment you exchange business cards with someone at a networking event, to the brochure you send, or the bespoke box you showcase your new product in.

It is everything on paper and more – promotional stationery (you know you never throw away those pens) to direct mail and stickers.

It gives consumers the best idea of who you are and what your company represents through textures, graphic design, weight, colour and shape and in different situations.


First impressions count

Handing your print to someone is often the first time that someone experiences your brand.

Think, what do you want to give them?

 A first impression takes a matter of seconds.  A first impression that could turn this lead into a client and if you intrigue them with this and you’ve included your digital efforts on your print – you are driving traffic to your site or socials. It’s a full circle!


Money, money, money…

The financial case for digital marketing is very compelling with some methods costing literally N O T H I N G. For small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs this is fantastic!

But it doesn’t do a complete job and print DOESN’T have to be expensive.

We’re not talking about the web based printing services. Modern technology has enabled the once expensive processes reserved for big budgets to become available for more modest accounts, if you know where to look.


Print is here to stay

Not sure about including print in your marketing budget with all the free marketing channels available?

A creative approach to your print can make your ideas and money go further. Just starting out? Think outside of the box to make your business cards stand out.

Do you have a larger campaign that has a longer life span? Print can really back up your digital efforts by interacting with your potential customers in very different ways.

If you’re really unsure of how print can work for you and your marketing campaigns speaking to people like NEXUS creative print production can really help you – bring you ideas and save money and time on the way!

Happy printing!

Gill Robinson
17th October 2018


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