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Why does Brand Guardianship matter?

Why does Brand Guardianship matter? Simple – it makes businesses better.

Hello and welcome to the latest NEXUScpp blog – we hope that it finds you in fine fettle and ready for what the remainder of 2022 brings! Today we’re talking about brand guardianship and its importance to your marketing efforts. So, to begin with, for those who aren’t au fait with the concept, let’s shine a little light on the subject.

So, What Exactly is Brand Guardianship?

Before running your integrated marketing campaigns, you’ll have put a lot of time and effort, not just into the strategy but also into creating an instantly-recognisable logo, colouring and tone of voice. Normally you will possess a set of brand guidelines to keep you consistent. Essentially, brand guardianship is what it sounds like – protecting that brand by ensuring that it remains consistent at every customer touchpoint.

The content you create and market across all digital channels must have a consistent visual appearance. So that – like the Coca Colas and Nikes of this world – customers instantly recognise your company, and recall what it offers and the values it stands for.

Why is it Important For Your Business?

There’s a range of different brand components that feed into a company’s corporate identity and it’s important to keep tight control over all of them. In addition to the elements already mentioned, this includes assets like graphics, shapes, fonts and the brand name itself.

The reason why big businesses focus on brand guardianship in the way they do is that it has a direct bearing on customer awareness and their willingness to buy. Check out this article by tag. This concept translates  to small businesses too. It saves you the expense and time of having to recreate elements for each channel and keeps you on track.

What This Means For Your Marketing Mix

As we’ve covered in previous blogs, an integrated marketing approach that features both a blend of digital and print marketing techniques yields great results. Brand guardianship naturally extends to print – and not just on paper either!

The events and festival seasons are almost upon us, so consider how to achieve consistency when printing on media like mugs, T-shirts and totes. Different techniques come into play when you’re not printing on paper.

For example, printing on ceramics uses specially-coated sublimation paper that allows for the ink to be transferred to the material in question. Fabrics also have their own requirements for accurate branding to be achieved on T-shirts and other clothing-related merchandise.

It’s important to check that you have an accurate representation of your brand’s colouring, graphics and fonts for these purposes. That’s when the help of a print marketing specialist comes in really handy! Your brand guidelines need to include alternative inks for single colour as well as full colour – if they don’t we can sort that out.

Creating a Consistent Brand Experience

However you implement your marketing plans, active brand guardianship means you’re not diluting your message – no matter what medium you’re using. Consider appointing a brand custodian to look after this most precious asset and maximise your presence.

 At NEXUScpp, we are experts in print, which allows us to create great print marketing and merch’ that’s consistent with your online presence for a smooth and uninterrupted brand experience for your customers.

So, if you’re looking for help to ensure that your print marketing is aligned with your online presence, you know who to call.

Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you again soon.

Gill Robinson
27th June 2022


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