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Ready to Rev up your networking

Ready to rev up your networking – First impressions count, but how do you make them last?

You have been working hard on your pitch, editing and practising those 40 or 60 seconds that tell the room what you do, why you do it and the kind of clients you would like them to refer to you.

Networking is a fantastic way to click with people, and the charm is not to sell in the room but to leave an impression that the people you meet will want to share.

So, how do you make them remember you after you sit down or say goodbye?

It’s simple – back up your visit with the best printed material that you can. Why? Right now, potential clients are looking for real information & checked facts and print is the most trusted medium we have.

We will walk you through and explain any of the processes and variations that you need to understand., no website searching, no multiple credit card transactions and consistent colour.

We don’t want you to make expensive mistakes; we want you to be delighted. We don’t offer you an anonymous online order, we offer you us, with loads of experience in all forms of print and marketing support now and as your business develops.

So get in touch, and let’s talk through getting the right mix of support for you so that you can get on with promoting your business.

Gill Robinson
3rd March 2017


Love what we print. Love how we print.

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