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Beyond 2D Part 2 – Packaging for Persuasion

Any of you with young children will have seen at least one YouTube video of someone opening up a blind bag with some teeny tiny toy inside. Many of you know that the package is as much a part of the gift as the toy itself! The excitement of what it might be; is it a new one, is it a rare one, maybe it’s one that your friends haven’t got – all part of the fun! The unboxing experience! 


Just goes to show how crucial it is that you clearly identify your target market to make the most of the unboxing experience and delight your customers. Here, it is children; so most likely bright colours and shiny packaging and hidden surprises but you need to keep their adults happy too!


Identify what will provide the best experience for your target market! 

Is your product fun, a luxury product, a value product? Knowing the likes and dislikes of who is likely to buy your product will help you to work out how you are going to approach the unboxing experience.


Influence the Influencers

Brand exposure is a huge part of marketing strategy and one of the ways to achieve this is through influencers.  People are persuaded to buy products through celebrity endorsement and many of these are via social media ‘celebrities’.  Targeting these influencers to endorse your products can generate huge awareness and lead to big sales. More and more brands send freebies out and the packaging plays a major role in making your product exciting, so it gets talked about. Influencers are just as intrigued by unwrapping a present as the rest of us!


Packaging that reflects your message

If your product is a niche item, then quirky packaging that reflects it is very possible. Shapes, coverings, finishes, reveals all working together using clever paper engineering will all provide the full experience which will build brand recognition. And they are such fun to produce!


Keeping it Green

Today, more and more celebrities promote eco-friendly, plastic free lifestyles. This is becoming so important in all markets. Reusable, recyclable and sustainable packaging is becoming the go-to choice as we all wake up to the need to look after our planet. There are so many responsibly sourced paper-based options available, we do not have to compromise quality or creativity over sustainability.


If you want to find out more about how NEXUScpp can help you to create the ideal unboxing experience for your customers, please get in touch

Gill Robinson
17th March 2020


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