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Networking is moving offline again, are you ready?

Those networkers among us have had a very different experience over the last five months. We have been concentrating on our Zoom techniques, working on backgrounds and being used to a much wider geographic spread.  But guess what? It will soon be time to start face2face  business networking again.

I will be attending my first today, it’s a trial for the business network that I am a member of. I am a bit excited and a bit apprehensive! How will it work? there’s only one way to find out and that is to attend.  It has been too easy for our worlds to become small, limited to home and garden and local shopping. Safety has become so cozy its almost agoraphobic – It’s time to dust off and get out there again!

Business networking trainers will tell you about the importance of props. Marketing professionals will tell you that brand consistency and recall is one of the most powerful precursors to a sale. And we all love something to touch, absorb and keep. Good print should never cost the earth but you do need a variety of options to make you truly memorable.

Investing in good branding shows your commitment to your business and the products and services that you are promoting. And that’s not just the design and the content, it’s the materials that you use that combine to show you at your best – at meetings and after the event.  How has your business changed since lockdown?  Does your print collateral reflect what your business is today?

We can help you put it all together to support your new story when you.



So, flex the package to make it right for you – all of this for one special price of £199 plus VAT delivered to your door.  Let’s talk about how to make your 2020 networking the best ever.

* If you are a member of WIBN or a BWN Insider then check in for your affiliate discount.

Gill Robinson
11th August 2020


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