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Beyond 2D Part 1: The Importance of Product Packaging

Your Mum’s birthday is coming up, so you’ve bought her a gift you know she’ll adore. When the big day comes, you don’t hand it over in a crumpled up old carrier bag. You carefully wrap it in paper, adorned with a bow and a handwritten card. Packaging is part of her experience and it should one of the pillars of your marketing strategy.

Unless you are bricks and mortar retailing, packaging is too often treated as an after-thought. It is, however, the compelling piece of marketing that is usually the last thing consumers see before making a purchase. You don’t have a sales team lined up on every shelf or e-shop to sell the product for you. The printed packaging needs to do the persuading.

At NEXUScpp we have extensive experience bringing print design to life, so your product stands out from the crowd. Here are just a few key points to consider when designing packaging for your product.


Functionality over form every time

The main purpose of product packaging is to protect it from damage, during transit from the manufacturer to the retailer and while the product is on display. All products have it, you may pick a bunch of unwrapped bananas from the supermarket but they will still have been packaged to travel.

It is easy to get carried away and design amazing, weird and wonderful concepts. Think though – the wrapping, the box, the carton – is it standing on a crowded shelf where space is at a premium – or is it a keepsake, not to be discarded? Don’t forget that bulk transportation either, unusual shaped packaging can be vulnerable and expensive to ship.


Differentiation is all about you

Product packaging needs to be eye catching, attractive and distinctive as well as practical and appropriate. Research your competitors and think about how you will stand out. Spend time and effort creating and testing your packaging, you will impress your target market and ultimately get them over the line with print persuasion.


Packaging that fits the purpose

People don’t just buy products anymore, they buy experiences. It’s so important your packaging design is in tune with the product you’re selling. Treat yourself to something special from any Bond Street store and your purchase will come delightfully wrapped in tissue, in an embossed box, placed in a luxury monogrammed paper bag and finished with a satin ribbon.

Make sure your packaging fits the quality of the product it contains. Wrap a luxury product in unconvincing packaging and it will put off potential customers at a glance! Likewise, if you’re selling a value product, opulent packaging will create the impression your product is expensive, rebuffing potential buyers.


Materials – let’s keep it eco!

The biggest trend in packaging design right now is the move towards sustainable materials. With consumers and politicians putting pressure on brands to be more green, plastic has become a dirty word. To some this has been disruptive, to many it’s an opportunity to experiment, try new things and get creative.

Paper-based packaging has great eco credentials. Corrugated and rigid box packaging are constructed from largely recycled materials and of course are also recyclable again! Most papers available in the UK come from sustainable sources.

Recycled papers do not have to look rustic, there are some very cool bamboo and former coffee cup papers available now.

How about bio-plastics? We are regularly seeing mailing wraps made from potato starch and there are new developments coming on stream all the time. If you have to use plastics please make sure they are recycled and recyclable.


Hopefully this article will give you some food-for-thought. If you need advice on maximising the marketing potential of your packaging, do get in touch with the team at NEXUScpp to discuss your project.

Gill Robinson
24th February 2020


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