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Thinking on Christmas 2020 – Part One

If the extraordinary experience of 2020 as taught us anything, it’s to be prepared.  And your Christmas marketing needs to be considered now!

Somehow, we’re just a few weeks away from Autumn. Starting with Hallowe’en, the festive season will be underway. While it will involve some gatherings and celebrations, it is unlikely to look anything like previous years.

Recession + Covid + The Unknown

There’s no doubt that businesses have suffered badly since late March and it’s still unclear how consumers will act this Christmas. Having less cash, the inevitable recession and not knowing what life with Covid will look like will affect us all and the way we spend.

How will ongoing social distancing restrictions on gathering together effect this time of year? The hospitality and travel sectors are already reeling. And they approach the prime revenue generation quarter of their financial year with many of their revenue streams curtailed. For consumers, almost everyone is having to think pragmatically about the future, for social activity and spending.


Is Careless Consumerism on the Wane?

We have had the time and the motivation this year to consider our shopping habits while living in very close quarters with our possessions and our nearest & dearest. House moves, home improvements, queues at recycling centres are all signs that tipping points have been reached. There are many signs that lockdown has contributed towards a significant shift in consumerism. We are recognising there is a difference between generosity and reckless spending.

Is mindful spending and gifting with real meaning going to impact on your seasonal marketing conversations? What will make Christmas, Christmas this year? Home and hearth, luxury and treats, small and cozy, thoughtful and investing or will we try to party like it’s 1999 in spite of Covid? It will depend on your target market of course as well as the regulatory framework that is in place.

How well do you know the aspirations, pleasure and pain of your ideal client? Christmas marketing is always the most emotionally led of all seasonal campaigns, this year it will need to be very finely balanced to hit the sweet spot. Take a look at these insights from The Drum.

We all learned during lockdown that context is crucial in our marketing communications. So, you need to have a good, hard think about how you’re going to adjust your Christmas marketing to make the most of this shift. The decisions we make now could affect us positively or negatively for years, so it’s important that they’re based on a sound plan.


Running Those ‘What If?’ Scenarios Is Crucial

With revenues hit pretty hard across the board, attracting the Christmas pound is so important, our success or failure may rest on the choices we make now. Running potential scenarios is the key to being able to react quickly to market changes. The milestone of schools returning and what that will look like is just one of the puzzles facing business owners. There are others emerging that you need to consider now.

It’s difficult to think about Christmas whilst the temperature outside is still in the mid 20s, but prudent businesses are planning now. Christmas ads will start appearing very soon, they are moving into production now whether, on TV, online or in print. There will be conversations on whether it’s too early and what is appropriate. There will definitely be judgement, much of it very vocal!

Think hard, act quickly!

How can you make the most out of the Christmas period and what steps will you take to make sure that your business finishes 2020 in the best possible shape?

The simple takeaway this time is that now is the time to be agile, but that doesn’t mean acting without a plan. If anything, it means that the plan has to be more multi-faceted and more integrated than ever.

At NEXUScpp we believe that hardworking print has a vital role in those plans, and we are very happy to help you achieve them.  Let’s talk about how we do that.

Gill Robinson
24th August 2020


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