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Christmas will soon be here – it’s September already!

It’s September!

The leaves are starting to turn, the days are closing in, we’re slowly getting our jumpers out which means in just over 100 days… It’s Christmaaaasss!

It may seem a million miles away but we all know how quickly this year has gone already! Do you have plans in place for the run up to Christmas? Before we know it, Santa will be knocking on your door and you’ll be so party pooped that the January blues will have kicked in. If your company is B2C your production has already happened, your strategy probably started in the spring and you are notching up your operations.

Time to Nudge? Yes

If B2B are you ready to talk to your clients just back from their hols about their plans and how you can serve them? Because this is what we’re doing right now!

It’s decision time.

There are plenty of opportunities to integrate your business message with the season, not just outwardly and directly. Remember this is also the season to say thank you to your clients – do you send them branded gifts? Will you be sending out Christmas cards? Do you send out New Year calendars? There are plenty of opportunities that will last the whole 12 months of 2020. Wallplanners, diaries, desk pads.

Having decided your approach and strategy, it is time to think practically.

We all know that everyone gets busy, production lead-times lengthen, choices shorten.  And if you are looking to do something interesting, bespoke and personal then you should be checking it out now.

Don’t forget the extras.

When you are looking at budget allocations don’t forget distribution – mailing costs can eat into your budget unnecessarily.  Being careful about sizes and shapes and weights can be the difference between winning and losing on postage and courier costs.  Tidy up your databases – incomplete and/or errors in addresses are just a waste of money

Make it about them.

Maybe you need to segment your audience so that gifting is appropriate –  you don’t want to look mean, careless, out of date or over-extravagant.

Also Christmas is the season for giving – if your gift is just another push disguised as a gift – your clients will see through it and discard it – they all know you want your brand in front of them for the coming months – but do make it something that is desirable to them not just to you, showcase your skills by all means but for their benefit rather than yours.

Get smart, get thinking and act early.

Gill Robinson
12th September 2019


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