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Graphic Design and Print management – Perfect partners?

We have six distinct market segments that we serve with print production and project management here at NEXUScpp. Graphic design has a pivotal role in all of those segments and in fact, was the fastest growing in the business last year.

You can’t print a blank page.

What is a book without words?

What is a brochure without pictures?

What is print without a graphic designer?

What is it that makes these connections work so well, what are the benefits in the print management/graphic design relationship, what holds us back? Let’s take a look…


Building foundations

NEXUScpp started many years ago in publishing (not by the name of NEXUScpp – of course), in editorial, working to make shipping statistics relevant and readily digestible by busy executives in oil, gas and bulk commodities. Riveting stuff!

Production was old school and it’s where we got hooked (pun intended) on print. It’s also where we learned to connect copywriting, layout and illustration.


Fast forward to NEXUScpp30 years on and we’re still obsessed with print. But not just print!

We love working with fellow professionals that know how to create a brand – we can provide the strategy but getting those thoughts down on to ‘paper’? – our brains don’t work like that. We love a set of brand guidelines – seeing the way a brand is to be played out in different scenarios, keeping the messages consistent and maximising engagement is truly fascinating.

We also love to create the best print project, for the budget, for the design, for the client, that’s the essence of creative print management.

Our last love is connecting the dots, finding out what businesses want to communicate and looking at the best way of using print for each project so that together we can create something special.

For graphic designers, our print management is simply there to make your work reach the heights that is meant for.



There is a whole strategy behind the best size, the paper choices, the binding method and the myriad of embellishments that are available. This combination of choices needs to be in total sympathy with the product or service that is being promoted. The trick is using the right print format at the best time in the sales funnel to get the maximum effect.

With our established graphic design clients we start at the beginning and build the specification together. Though our first project together doesn’t necessarily start that way. Our first contact could be about classic print buying.

As a graphic designer you will have your own experiences and your own methodology for buying print – you may

You may add a mark up to the price of the print that you charge your client or you might put a print management fee in place – it’s a source of revenue that you want to keep – that’s fine.


Here’s a big question, is there a better way to use your time and your talent?

Do you always go out for at least three prices?

Wonder why the range of prices you receive is so wide?

How do you really know if you are approaching the right print company for the project in mind?

Are you playing safe when really you shouldn’t have to?

Is print buying really part of graphic design or do you begin to find it a bit of a chore?


Time for some contemplation and some clarity?

Is doing all of this really the best way to serve your own business and also your clients’ if instead, you could be saving time and getting better results by collaborating with someone who loves print and has connections with a host of tried, tested and trusted print partners.

Understanding print is simply what we do best. We are here to provide all the options needed to make the best print decisions without being tied to a single print company. We’re here to help specify the right print and materials and to get the best value.

Imagine having another team member who handles all of your printing needs whenever you need them. Someone who understands the brief, the design and the print production choices and then takes care of it all, so you have the time to do what you are best at. That’s the best outcome of collaboration and this is what we have been celebrating at NEXUScpp.

To our current graphic design clients, you know who you are! Thank you for your imagination, your technique, your willingness to listen to our suggestions and for all the successful projects we have completed together (working with book designer Catherine Dodds of Jardine Press, our Gill Robinson made Highly Commended in the British Book Design Awards at the end of 2018).

To those of you we have yet to meet, don’t leave it too long! If you have something in mind and need to chat through the possibilities, the pros and cons, please give us a call, 07775 332385 or will find us or take a look at the website and you will see what we love doing and why.


Gill Robinson
8th March 2019


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