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Holistic Marketing; Why It’s Important For Your Business

Holistic marketing is all the rage these days and for good reason, which is what we’ll be looking at this month.

The bulk of your business strategies should be in place for the coming year. So it’s time to stand back and take a cool look at all of your marketing to check what’s worked and change, maybe.

The journey that your customers have – before, during and after – they buy from you, needs to be a consistent one! And this is regardless of the way in which they’re in contact with you.

Nothing will put someone off using your services again than wildly different experiences over the various touchpoints.


What Exactly Is Holistic Marketing?

Holistic marketing takes in every part of your business, viewing everything you do as one single entity. No department walls, no silos – everything matters.

Your enquiries may come via email marketing, social media interaction, contact via your website, cold calling, referrals, face to face. However they arrive, the same experience in terms of aesthetics, responsiveness and service needs to be provided, every time.

And then after sales? Is your accounts department in tune with the rest of your business? How are your relationships with your suppliers and vendors, even the local authority? We all know marketing is more than just promotion. It’s how you show up anywhere, and what they say about you when you are not in the room (Bezos)!

The flipside? Poor experiences after you have parted your customers from their money leave a very sour taste. How are your delivery and your returns processes? And your relationships? Being a bad neighbour or screwing your suppliers down on price to an unsustainable level steadily chips away at your reputation and can turn potential customers off.

To be holistic, think of your marketing activity as one large process, where all the parts move together in perfect unison. Everything must pull in the same direction for optimum results to be enjoyed. If your marketing is travelling in separate directions, success tends to come that much more slowly.


Enjoy a Range of Business Benefits

When you provide a unified experience to your customers and stakeholders, you get to enjoy a range of benefits:


When you’re able to offer the same experience to your all clients at every point on the customer journey, your chances of success go up exponentially. It’s why the major companies out there all tend to be great at it. They understand that the whole is more than the sum of its parts (Aristotle).

So holistic marketing is relationship marketing, internal marketing, societal marketing and integrated marketing. Your efforts in each of these areas add incremental value to your business and your brand.

Brand Guardianship in action

At NEXUScpp we are often called upon to guard our clients’ brands – we are print positive – not – print exclusive.

We understand that no single channel can do the whole job. It’s the same in any business – no department can do the whole job. Which is why we advocate a rounded, integrated, and holistic approach and have expert contacts on hand to help, when needed.

For instance, while planning your digital marketing, do not forget the power that print marketing possesses. A natural consequence of the over-saturation of digital media, the digital boom has enhanced the impact and engagement of print marketing.

While online marketing offers an ever widening reach, print marketing is ideal for getting really close to your customers. The fundamental feel of print; marketing that people can hold in their hands, is able to connect on a much deeper level.

It’s that zig-zag thing and you can use it!


Getting All Your Marketing Ducks In a Row For 2022

So, if you’re putting the final touches to your marketing strategy for the new year, make sure you’re focusing on the creation of a unified, holistic plan across the whole business. It represents a wise business move and the NEXUScpp team is here to help you get everything in order.

Regardless of whether you’re a business owner, graphic designer or freelance artist, our team has the marketing nouse to give you the help you need. With years of experience in print production and marketing services, we’re well placed to provide expert insight that drives your business forward.

All that’s left to say for 2021 is that everyone at NEXUScpp wishes you a joyous Christmas and an amazing start to the new year.

Gill Robinson
16th December 2021


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