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Print Marketing Key to Success as We Emerge from Covid-19

Print Marketing Key to Success as we emerge from Covid-19

So, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel where Covid-19 is concerned, with all self-isolation rules coming to an end soon. We all know that we’re not out of the woods yet, but it is good to see we’re moving in the right direction and are learning to live with it. With this in mind, we can at last, focus on the future while being mindful of the present.  It is time to get serious about print marketing.

Although the UK government is ending restrictions soon, we still all need to be very careful, for some while. There’s a new variant running around and causing disruption, so we all must remain agile and attentive. The NEXUScpp team offers a safe pair of hands, when it comes to print marketing activity, so we can help you do just that!


Event Planning, Stands & Graphics

While the online world has helped commerce continue throughout the pandemic, it has changed how people interact with businesses. However, rather than sound the death knell of face-to-face business, it has served to make people realise the value of interacting in person. Even more reason why integrated marketing excels, and you should be implementing it in your business.

After two dark years, throughout 2022, businesses are planning events across the country to engage with and attract new customers. So, it’s time to be thinking about the stands, graphics, and associated print media that you’ll need. You will want to impress those you interact with and leave them with a warm lasting impression of your enterprise.

You’ll also be thinking about the exclusive offers, giveaways, and promotions you’ll be introducing throughout the year. Combined with social media advertising, print marketing campaigns can be so effective in reinforcing your message – as your audience is able to take something away that they can touch and ponder on.

Remember printed mail lives in most homes for three weeks or more! And meaningful merchandise is great for keeping your front of mind, but it must be relevant and attractive – the days of plasticky toot are gone!


Long Term Brand Building – Enhanced By Print Media

Online marketing is huge, of course. However, as with any individual channel it has its limitations, but they can be more than addressed by adding in print marketing – something real that can be held in the hand! Great print media can really benefit long term brand strategy, when it’s embedded with your core message.

Businesses going forward in this post-covid world can leverage this appetite for real, tangible experiences, that go beyond what the internet and social offers, which is why print marketing campaigns work.

That said, it is important that your print marketing fits snugly within your brand approach and that always reflects your brand in its quality and aesthetic appeal.

But not everyone knows how or has the time to put together an impactful integrated marketing strategy and full marketing communications plan!

Don’t worry if this aspect of your business bamboozles you or that you don’t have time, as help is at hand. The NEXUScpp team is here to guide and support you along the way offering everything your brand desires from strategy to concept to production to delivery. We excel at producing custom printed marketing materials.


NEXUScpp – Meeting Your Print Marketing Needs

The NEXUScpp team is here to manage your print marketing requirements and is print positive, rather than print exclusive. Our Print Wisdom means we can empower our clients to get the most out of their integrated marketing plans, leveraging the considerable benefits of print to complement their digital efforts.

So, if you’re looking for assistance in ensuring your business stays agile during this critical time, our friendly experts are ready and waiting to help. They’ll use their extensive know-how to take your marketing mix to the next level and beyond.

Thanks for joining us. Check back with us again soon to avoid missing out on our next blog instalment.

Gill Robinson
21st March 2022


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