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How do you keep marketing when funds are tight and digital is so crowded?

How do you keep marketing when funds are tight and digital is so crowded?

I don’t want to talk about it!

We all know what’s going on, we all know how hard it is. Lockdown isolation is a chore, our safety feels compromised, fear and anxiety for our loved ones surrounds us. It’s horrid but it’s our reality… for now.


Keep on, Keeping on!

In order to survive, businesses whatever their size, have to find creative ways to cut through the chatter. Now is the time to keep marketing, not to go quiet, the historical evidence on this is clear… but how?

I’m sure you have found yourself on the internet a lot more. Maybe even got to the point of switching off! Use of social media has skyrocketed, time spent in front of screens has increased exponentially. But is there a real and lasting connection? Is seeing the same as intending to buy, maybe it’s not possible now, but in future, definitely?


Ain’t nothing like the real thing!

Digital saturation is a real thing. We’ve spent weeks with online selling, online sympathy, online support – all great – but how much do you think your clients have really absorbed what you have said? Will they remember it post COVID?

NEXUScpp will ALWAYS be print over digital, that’s our job. But now more than ever, the advantages of print marketing are emerging. The renaissance of print in our digital world is about its tangible nature and its potential for value, something we can keep. It nudges us towards a buying decision, and it lets us unplug!

If your business is bricks & mortar, how are you going to maintain social distancing when you reopen? Do you need to get posters, policies and floor stickers organised?

Own a clothing business? How about inviting your clients to a personal shopping event – maintain social distance and give them something special?

Are you a restaurant or hairdresser? A hotel or venue maybe? How about posting a voucher to your customers, a discount for when you return to work?

Maybe your business can’t offer vouchers, but you can send a simple hello. A postcard? A handwritten letter? Useful branded items? There are so many options.

Print offers a host of possibilities to keep connected. Tangible touches that are a great way to make headway and get into people’s hands (and houses) while they are there for a large proportion of the day.


Stop, wait a minute Mr Postman!

Have you ever tried direct mail before? There are a few things you can do to keep your clients’ eyes on your business and distract them from their screens.

Psssst. Postal addresses aren’t subject to GDPR – you do not need explicit permission – you can get in front of people you may not have had access to before. Why use direct mail? Simple, because print stands out from digital and buyers react to it differently!


In the Future when all’s well…

We’re hearing whispers of a government exit strategy but what about yours?

Do you have your plans in place for when everybody is ready and raring to go?

Now is the time to think about how you’re going to move forward when life starts getting back to its new normal.

Where will everyone else be? Will they all be online? How can you differ from your competitors – Of course online will very much be part of your marketing strategy, but using print is an opportunity not to be missed, do not neglect it.

Don’t allow bottlenecking and late planning to leave you behind the curve. Now is the time to think about what is next.

Looking at specifications and getting options costed is the task for now. Knowing what can be achieved for your budget is the job for today, not for later and we can help you with that, right now.



Talk to us about how we can help you show your customers the human face of your business. Demonstrate that you understand them and their hardships and that you really want to serve them and not just their wallets.  Sounds good? Get in touch with us at with your ideas and we will make them happen.

Gill Robinson
24th April 2020


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