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The Print Industry Hasn’t Just Gone Green – It’s Been That Way for Decades!

So, despite all the chaos of the last few months, we’re all still here and we’re facing all of the same challenges (and a few new ones) we were before Covid-19 came along and made everyone’s lives more complicated. While the world has much of its attention focused on other important parts of society, the paradigm of climate change hasn’t gone away.


At NEXUScpp, we have not lost sight of the need to operate in a planet-friendly way in everything we do. We’re very proud of our green credentials and that of the print industry that has been operating in an eco-friendly way for many years. It’s actually more environmentally friendly than digital marketing when you look at raw materials and recycling opportunities.

This may surprise you, but sustainability has been the focus of the print sector for a long time. Digital marketing might seem like the eco-friendlier option. What doesn’t often get mentioned is the enormous amount of fossil fuels that are still extracted to provide the electricity for our phones, tablets and laptops. Paper is recyclable, electricity is not.

Evolving to Meet Modern Demands

The print industry has come an awful long way from its invention in 1440 and it’s had to reimagine itself several times over to meet modern demands for centuries now. The adoption of lithography happened in 1796 and digital printing, with shorter, variable data print runs offering better targeting came to the market nearly 30 years ago.

The changes made have been far-reaching and although there is still more to be done, the progress made shouldn’t be disregarded. A great deal has already been done to encourage sustainability in print across the world:

All of these things when combined with recycled paper and board packaging means that more energy is saved, more natural resources are protected, and greenhouse gases are reduced.


Nexus Is Your Eco-Friendly Printing Partner

So, a great deal of work continues to improve an already planet-friendly print industry and we’re right behind this mission. Everything we do is aligned with an environmentally conscious ethos. The marketing support we provide to our clients is always conducted with a firm eye on green practices. This is also backed by the fact that every single print and paper supplier that we use also shares this commitment to operating sustainably and responsibly.


Covid and print Moving forward

In a post-lockdown world, are we going to embrace a slower world and ways in which we start to see a change in how we digest information? Take a look at this article on haptics.

Will we be so sick of communicating day to day on screens that a slow, green way of communicating will become a more palatable option. A society reset may mean that we (and your target market) will be more careful of how information is received. Just have a look at this for some great stats on just how effective print marketing can be. And how it works to support digital marketing.

When you’re looking for an eco-friendly partner that has the necessary expertise and knowhow to meet your print marketing objectives. And who will make sure you’re operating in the greenest way possible while keeping an eye on your budget, we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about what sets us apart from the competition by visiting us online at where you’ll find lots about our vision and our high standards of service.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly about your printing needs, you can contact our friendly expert team on 01206 621427 today. Thanks for reading. We hope that our blog has shown you that print marketing is very viable and getting more sustainable all the time!


Gill Robinson
4th August 2020


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