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What print marketing essentials will make your lockdown business take off?

Lockdown businesses are everywhere. Despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, over 85,000 new businesses were created in the UK in 2020. Many triggered by redundancies and furloughed workers seeking a ‘side hustle’ during lockdown.

History tells us that starting a business during an economic downturn isn’t a bad idea at all. Changes in behaviour create new opportunities. The last major recession in 2008 gave us Air BnB, Groupon and WhatsApp to name a few wonder what lockdown businesses will emerge this year. If you’re starting a business while we continue to work through these weird times, here are just a few things you’ll need to get started.



Investing in branded stationery, such as letterheads, labels, comp slips, vouchers and loyalty cards will definitely set you apart. Professionally designed and printed stationery helps establish your credibility quickly. And it’s yet another opportunity to increase brand visibility and recognition at every client touchpoint.

Don’t forget greeting cards, saying thank you to your clients is so important, whether you post these or include them in an online delivery. They are inexpensive to produce and oh so powerful.  So many lockdown businesses have been created through great collaboration, acknowledging those those who have been part of your journey is really important. We can help you make cards worth keeping.

Business cards

Part of your stationery suite but a bit different. Business cards are an extremely effective and relatively inexpensive marketing tool. Whether you’re running an online or offline business you’ll need to have them.

Networking online has been huge this year but so many of us yearn to meet up face to face – make sure you are ready!

If you’re starting out in a very corporate industry such as finance or law, then your cards will be calm and assuring. Starting a business selling children’s clothes? Then your cards can be soft, friendly and maybe a little quirky. Should you need to look at a design refresh, let us know, our team of partners can help.

Carry your business cards with you at all times and use them! It is surprising how often you have an opportunity to make a new connection.

Leaflets, brochures and direct mail

Essential weapons in your marketing arsenal, are leaflets, brochures and postcards. Even more so in these digital times, when people crave something a little bit different. There has been so much evidence this past year that offline marketing boosts online sales.

The combination of offline and online marketing leads to a much better experience for your customers. Think about working direct mail into the mix and use every delivery to delight your customers.

Create an attention-grabbing piece of print marketing that gives an insight to your company, your products and services. Your real difference. Then it can be delivered right into their homes where it will linger longer.

Be sure to include a clear call to action with your contact information so potential customers can contact you easily. Encourage them to visit your website or call you so they can discover just what you do and why you are right for them.

Like your business cards, be sure to carry a couple of copies of your new leaflets or brochures wherever you go. Never miss an opportunity to spread your message.


If your new business involves selling a tangible product you will need packaging. Product packaging is one of the first points of recognition for your brand, and the first experience customers will have of your brand when they buy it.

Well-designed packaging entices customers to purchase your product but it also needs to be functional, taking into consideration display, storage, shipping and recycling.

Unboxing is one of life’s pleasures, making your delivery really special will make your customers buy again! If you need some help working through what will work for you without breaking the bank, let’s have a chat.

Signs & banners

Should you have physical premises for your new business, you will need to show people you’re there and also how to move safely around your property. Clear wayfinding and segregation are so important in our COVID world to keep everyone safe.

Potentially visible 24/7 and providing continuous exposure to potential customers, clear signage is a must, particularly if you’re in a high footfall area. Whilst passersby may not visit immediately, they will see your signs, and make a mental note of where you are and what you do. This is a fundamental part of building your brand awareness.

Vinyl window graphics look great and are inexpensive, or, if you want to stand out at all times opt for illuminated signs and fascia. If you’re slightly off the beaten track, A-boards are great for enticing people your way, though be sure you check with your local council before placing these outside your property.

At NEXUScpp we offer great value print packages and marketing support to startups in all industries. And we are very happy to work with your digital marketing team so that your marketing efforts are truly integrated and your lockdown business thrives.


Speak to our friendly team today for a free consultation to find out how NEXUScpp can help get your new business idea off to a flying start with hard working, cost-effective print.

Gill Robinson
25th March 2021


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